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Got the G5s.  I can't say I am completely thrilled with them.  I'll give it another year.  However I love my 22 degree Hybrid and my New driver.

I started playing when I was ten.  Got my first clubs from my parents for my confirmation.  I was taught by my mom until I was ready to play with my dad.  Actually, some of the finest times dad and I had were on the golf course.  I played in high school and then dropped the game until I got married.  Got really into it and then quit when I was beaten, actually humiliated by a 76-year-old man.  I got back into it at a faculty outing a number of years ago and then played sporadically for years.  Now that we are home for the summer, I've decided to take it a little more seriously. 

I went on line and bought a set, actually two sets of Copper Beryllium PINGS.  The first set was bought and paid for and then I got found another set.  This one was 2 eye 2 with custom shafts, new grips and 1- SW.  I couldn't resist.  It took me two tries to sell the first set.  It was my first EBAY sale and I admit it was fun.  I'll be looking for some "junk" to sell.  OK, gotta go.  Give me a call if you want to play a round.

I am itching for a new set of ping G5's.  In fact, I am going to get the 3-SW G5 set of irons, a 19 and 22 degree hybrid and a new G5 Driver.  Hopefully I can sell my copper PINGS and defray some of the cost.