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Mary Ruth

Mary's page needs work.  Here is some pertinent information about her:

  • Mary needed chemo again this summer.  It went every three weeks from the end of April until August 13th.  It was a tough go, though you would never know it if you saw her.  Yes her hair got a little thin and she slowed down a little bit, but she got a good report in July and now she is back to her old self.   Except...
  • She's retired from Thornwood High School after 34 years.
  • Her friend Penny moved to the area and they are getting around to doing the kinds of things that retired friends do:  going to the library, having lunch, going downtown, etc.

Ellen, Debbie and Mary this past summer.

Old News

  • Mary has taught High School English for 33 years.
  • This is her year of retirement.
  • Due to treatment for Non Hodgkin's Small Cell Lymphoma, she is on sick leave until the end of the school year.  Mary has responded very well to the treatment she received in September.   The drug is called Zevelin.  Here's some info about it http://www.cancerfacts.com/Home_News.asp?NewsId=1355
  • During the fall, Jerry Torrence subbed for her and Mary partnered with him to finish out the semester because he was hired to complete the term.  This semester, the youngster who just finished her student teaching is on her own because she is starting the class from scratch.
  • So now Mary is working though the concept that her teaching career is over, but she can't exactly celebrate because she is on sick leave.  Needless to say, she is relieved that she can take this time to continue her recovery.
  • The party will begin on June 1st 2007 and will continue for many years to come.
  • I hope to join her in retirement in 2010.