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Nora Carole

This is the Nora page.  The pictures I had here were from her sophomore year in High School.  A lot has happened since then.

  • This is Nora's sophomore year at Augustana. 
  • Nora pledged Delta Chi Theta Sorority in the spring.  She was a pledge captain and got to be very close with many of her new sisters.
  • The roommate thing with Maria did not work out.  She rooms with Elsa now in the House on the Hill.  It's an old mansion with only 22 girls living in it.  There are six or seven girls on the third floor with Nora and Elsa.
  • After working badminton camp and teaching swimming last summer, Nora rethought the idea of going into secondary education and has declared Secondary Ed as her major.
  • School is a lot tougher this year especially because she is taking "real" classes.  It's not that she wasn't taking real classes last year, it's just that these classes like Literary Criticism and Persuasion in Advertising sound like real classes.
  • Nora has a part-time job at a tanning joint...actually three tanning joints:  one in Moline and two in Iowa.  Iowa pays a dollar less an hour than Illinois.  She says that it keeps her organized while making a little money on her own.

Find the monkey in the tree.

Addision, Nora, Hubbell and Austin summer 2007

Hubbell, Austin, Addison, Nora and Emily Jane summer 2007

OLD News 

  • Nora qualified for State in speech two years in a row.  She took seventh as a senior.  She won her sectional two years in a row to qualify.  Each year she wrote her own speech which dealt with a personal issue from a particularly personal point of view.  She also competed in Original comedy in her senior year.  It was a take off on her relationship with her grandmother, Bette.  She missed going to State with it by one point.
  • Prom was a big deal.  It practically consumed our whole spring.  If prom hadn't been in April, it would have.  She looked lovely and had a great time.
  • Nora played badminton and was the sectional entry with Kelly in doubles.  The did not make it to state, but they supported their sole teammate who did qualify, much to the chagrin of the Athletic Director.  Girls' sports do count.
  • Nora was accepted to and received a scholarship to Augustana College in Rock Island.  She was also accepted to DePaul and to Bradley, but she chose to become an Augie.
  • This past summer, Nora got her first job.  She taught swimming at the Orland Pool.  She received the "Instructor of the Session" award.  Nora is a great teacher and is terrific with kids.
  • We took Nora to Augustana on Sept. 2nd.  It was an exciting day for all of us.  Nora rooms with Maria, a friend from Sandburg.  She did not come home until a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving.  We visited her for parents' weekend and had a great time.
  • Her grades were two A's and a B for the first term.