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Dude, a lot is going on and here's some of it.

  • The contract is finally ratified.  We don't know what the district is going to do about some major things...like my job.  So, it's a little wait and see.  I will probably go back to the library.
  • I went to a shooting class at a trap a sportsman's club in Mokena recently.  I think I'm going to buy a shotgun.  It was a really fun activity and the guys there were very friendly and helpful.  I really like new activities and this looks like one I will really get to like.
  • I plan to retire in 2010.  It's about time for me to go.  I watched them try to diminish my job and push me out of the tech field.  The shame is they don't understand what teachers need and nor do they care.
  • Most of my writing is on the blog.  Check the link below.